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oregon coast.

i went up the coast of california and oregon all the way to astoria with two of my best friends in july.

we saw cliffs, mountains, redwoods, giant ferns, unbelievable sunsets and foggy bay towns, among other sites.

we met some wild characters who dropped life lessons on us here and there.

we wandered, at some places with no sure campsites reservations, and were faced with what can at times be the challenge of just going with it.

i could say alot about this trip. i learned alot and had so much fun. it was definitely an adventure. but i think it's best to just suggest that you listen to pretty much anything by ben howard>> old pine, only love, promise, etc. and experience right along with us while you look through the beautiful images below from KEITH A SAVAGE.

(he's only in a few because he was taking most of them :)) and i'll leave ya with this quote from a favorite song: 

//i never feel more found than when i'm wandering. i never feel more still than when i'm free// -adrianne lenker//buck meek

beijos//bhldn shoot.

san francisco>>>san diego.