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pow wow party.

this was such a special event that SIRENFLORALCO got to be a part of>>for a few reasons:

1>>we LOVE POWWOW design studio and have since we first started LACEANDLIKES. we've done countless shoots and events with powwow and they've ALWAYS gotten excited right along with us and our vision and supported us/had our back. they rule.

2>>we LOVEEEEEE melissa and corbin who run the ship. they are truly genuine people and it's always a blast to work with them. 

3>>we got to floralize, hard and then party with friends//rock out to DJ KID JAGGER's killer vinyl collection, enjoy incredible eats from MIHO gastro truck, sip on PTY bar cocktails, and look like fools in the SD PHOTO BUS.

check out some photos below RENATA STONE snapped of the night:


madewell//siren: the flower market.

the cream event.