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maybe you are all the wild shoot.

this shoot.

this shoot brought together so many worlds for me. about a year or so ago i became friends with the most incredible man, poet and heart-mr. tyler knott gregson. it's funny what social media can create, build bridges, bring people together. and that's just what happened with this shoot. 

after following tyler's beautiful words on instagram, one day he checked out my own after i'd commented on a photo/poem he'd posted, and he quickly realized i did weddings. that same day he contacted me about working together for his photography company TREEHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY and i supposed the rest is history.

i started scheming up this shoot based around one of my most favorite poems of his:


once the inspiration was set, i started pulling together the rad team of vendors:


styling/concept- LACEANDLIKES



tabletop rentals- HOSTESS HAVEN

dress amazingness- OUMA

hair/makeup- 1011 MAKEUP AND HAIR

and although it wasn't the initial plan, brady and i ended up modeling for it. this day was so much fun, and even better was getting to know my new buddy and his incredible business partner sarah. so much love to everyone involved!!

see the feature tomorrow on RUFFLED blog




we want you.

coralie beatrix.