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sunset cliffs shoot.

a few months back, perry contacted me about doing this shoot she had been cookin up in her head. she needed models for it, and asked if brady and i would be willing to participate. her film photography is absolutely stunning and i jumped at the chance to work with her.

i came back from our family trip to belgium (still yet to be blogged), and had a sunrise shoot with perry scheduled for the next morning at sunset cliffs. when brady and i got up in the morning, it definitely took some coaxing to get him there in the rain, and i had to convince myself that we could even get there safely as the roads were hectic coming from north county. however, when we arrived and perry started capturing the moody gorgeousness of that day, i knew these photos were going to be unreal. and oof, was i blown away when i got them back from her. 

we were absolutely soaked head to toe when we got in the car at the end of shooting and freezing cold, but boy was it worth it. (and brady was a total champ)

check em out below and if you don't follow perry's work, you really wanna start, trust me. 

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