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modernhaus lookbook.

the other week, ugly and i got to participate in my friend, SUMMER's lookbook for her new westernwear collection.

if you have not shopped summer's site yet, MODERNHAUS, you really should. she masterfully pairs mid-century finds with unique and interesting textiles such as recycled army materials and pendeltons. home goods, furniture, clothing, etc. -she somehow remakes it all to look extremely rad- her creativity is boundless and i am so so happy i got to be a part of just a small piece of it.

this shoot was one of the quickest and most fun i've done. we all met up in the afternoon and had about an hour left of good light to get the shot's needed. thank goodness for the dream team of TARYNKENT and SONGBIRDJULES for stylin us up and capturing the images. and thanks MODERNHAUS for letting us play models for you! i'm just stoked i got another excuse to kiss this handsome fella on the mouth... dibs.


may the sunshine warm upon your face.

shopglee photos.