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sneak peek: michelle and jj.

mercy me- it has been almost a month since my last post! prolly because i've been in the middle of a month of back to back wedding weekends right after moving.


even so, i have lots to catch up on sharing with you all that team L&L has been up to, so i'm going to start from the most recent wedding and work ma way backwards ;)


this last weekend i got to head out to AUSTIN, texas and help one of my oldest and greatest friends with her big day. michelle and i have been through a ton together, so getting to help her make this day come together was all the more special.

this venue was absolutely unreal- THEPLANTATKYLE, she was by far oneuv the most earthshatteringly stunning bride's i've ever seen in her VERA WANG dress and i got to work with someuv my most favorite friends:  the talented mr. TYLER BRANCH and his lovely lady took the photos,  DOVETAIL LOGISTICS a part of TACTEVENTS showed up to save the day when we needed extra help with setup and tear down and PINK AVOCADO nailed it on the eats.

best part of it all for team L&L- getting to do the FLOWERS for this one, which is now way up there as a favorite floral project.

but the tops was definitely getting to see someone i grew up with marry oneuv the best men out there.

congrats michelle and jj! love you so.

all of these are taken and edited with ma iphone-we'll have to wait for the real goods from TYLER-stay tuned!

babes in the woods.