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you guys-this is a topic that is a little less wedidng related, but has been on my heart recently.


real talk---oneuv my biggest insecurities/self-image issues is not wearing makeup. i don't wear a ton anyway these days but for some reason, it still acts as my security blanket. i feel vulnerable and naked without it. i have oily italian skin, dark albanian circles under my eyes, and old scars from teenage breakouts. there, i said it ;)

some of you out there have been so so wonderfully kind and complimentary about some of the photos renata and others have taken of me that i've shared on instagram or elsewhere and i thank you a million times over-but the truth is, in most of those, i'm wearing loads of makeup-covering up the raw me. its easy to hide behind a mask of eyeliner and foundation...

when brady and i were paintin, i asked renata to take some photos of me without makeup. even standing there in front of her camera makeupless i almost had a meltdown. i knew this was something i wanted to share, but when i was actually doing it, i got real scared. 

i think as a woman, i, like most of you i'm sure, have always struggled with beauty and body image.

i've always been passionate about women not only being confident, but truly believing that they are beautiful. women can be downright cruel to one another. pick out each others flaws, gossip about each other, tear other women down to make themselves feel better. but why? WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. what if women encouraged each other? told each other how beautiful they were? cherished their best qualities and made it a point to tell them they noticed each and every one? goodness. 

i think as humans, we see someone beautiful and we tend to look first at their outward beauty. we may even put them on a pedastal or idoloize them-so is the case with celebrities and models and so on. but they are just humans, like the rest of us. they get zits, they have insecurities, they feel bashful or scared or hurt, etc. we are all real. we are all raw. 

the bottom line is that your beauty shows from the inside out. it should shine out of your face like sunbeams, to paraphrase mr. dahl. so, don't you think we'd look and feel a whole lot more beautiful if we just loved on other women, on other people to the best of our ability? what if we gave out a compliment a day? a truly genuine one?

now i'm just carrying on-but below my little rant, you'll find the naked-faced photos renata took of me. i hope they encourage you in some way to believe in your beauty-or at least give you the courage to walk up to a random stranger and tell them how beautiful you think they are. 

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. really, you are.


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