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where do i even begin? this trip was life-changing in so many ways. 

every year, there are celebrations all over the south of france to honor and commemorate those foreign soldiers who fought and died for the freedom of the french people who were under german occupation during WWII. my grandpa is one of those celebrated individuals.

at 19 years old, he parachuted into southern france and participated in a military operation called dragoon. he and his batallion of american airborne paratroopers, along with other american and british troops played a massive part in liberating the south of france. 

it's incredible to see my 89 year old grandfather treated like an absolute rockstar. over the years of going there, my grandpa has made friends with several re-enactor groups. they simulate jumps and marches and participate in several commemorative ceremonies to honor those that fought to protect their freedom. there are people that walk up to my grandpa in tears because they were children when he parachuted into france, and they remember it all. he is saluted, asked for his signtaure and constantly asked to be taken photos with. to these people he is a hero...

this trip helped me clear my head in my own personal life as well. 

oftentimes, betwen trying to build this business that i'm pouring my heart into, being a daughter, friend, girlfriend, and all of the other hats that i wear (that we all wear), i forget to give myself time. time to breathe, time to think-to work through things in my head or just rest. and then i look at my grandfather who has seen and done so many things in his long life-more things than i may ever do or see and i'm so humbled by the fact that at the end of the day, he is just my grandfather and that makes him special. that makes his life special to me.

at the end of the day-i am just me. i can't do it all all of the time-i remembered this while i was gone:

life is a challenge, there will be times that we may feel we will never come up out of what we are struggling with. that we'll never get to the next level of achievement in our careers, our personal lives, goals, etc. it's hard to find light in the darkness. but, the truth is that life is UNBELIEVABLY beautiful. every life you touch, every choice you make, every mistake, every rise, every one you love-all of it is exactly as it is supposed to be and it is all to be appreciated- marveled at, even and certainly never regretted. and ultimately, as long as you are following your heart, you can't go wrong. 

enjoy these beautiful image below (france is just this beautiful-i am not a very good photographer)

and remember, to just stop and look around-soak it all in. this is all for you and it is all full of love and hope and light. 

garden shower- mabestfriend's wedding.

L&L wedding: esther & brendan