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my baby mama (that i nanny for) is t.a.l.e.n.t.e.d. like, really talented.

i remember the first time i came over to meet the kids before i started working with them; a little unsure but excited and having no idea what to expect. i walked into their house, which to be honest, looked pretty socal standard on the outside, and was surprisingly floored by what was inside.

i entered through two full glass doors to a gorgeous foyer of dark grey walls. up the raw wood stairs to the kitchen/living area to see a velvety, champagne-colored tufted sofa and cow-skin rug. my eye was then drawn to a baby-pink cake stand on the counter that housed a silver studded skull. there were unique and rad surprises around every corner. the house was edgy, unexpected and whimsical while still being chic and absolutely stunning. the best part of it all was that it still felt like a home. 

most houses i go to look similar; 'homey', comfortable. full of photos of family and loved ones and always unique to the individuals that house it, but mostly-they all kinda look the same. maybe that's because a lot of times we don't have the energy to make our home really express us- to incorporate pieces that make our hearts soar or unleash our true selves within our surroundings. 

betsy (baby mama) has done the opposite in her home. it is an expression of her personality and style while still being functional and family-filled. and even better, she has now decided to go for her dream and launch her own interior design/styling business- SMID. and i am so so proud of her. 

since i've been a part of this unreal family i've been able to see them go through the remodel of their downstairs as well, which was her baby. her completely inspired space that kind of re-ignited her drive to go for it-to SMID to her fullest extent. (photos of some of the remodel seen below)

in a few months we are having a launch party at her home to showcase it along with her work. follow her process as she works through starting a new business, planning the launch party and juggling family, life and everything else along with it. she's an incredible human being and talent. follow her blog here and don't forget to SMIDthat. 

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