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big sur or bust.

last weekend i went on a much needed adventure with one of my bests.

do you ever start to feel suffocated where you are? or in your day to day routine? like you just need to get out and do something out of the ordinary? whenever i get like that i know its time for a journey-something with a long road and nature's beauty to help restore my soul and remind me of what's important in life.

its not money or status or career. its just living and giving and loving. 

along the road we stopped whenever we were drawn to, and at each stop, something touched us. at one stop it was a rock that had the words LOVE tagged on it. at another it was the sea breeze and spray of salt water crashing on the rocks and hitting our faces. at another it was a since lost friend's name tagged on a post inexplicably. its crazy how when you just let go and make stops and talk to strangers and open your mind and heart to whatever the universe throws at you, experiences are made, lives are touched, and connectedness is so evident. 

my heart feels full again. 

i encourage you to get out every once in a while. its so easy to get caught up in the day to day-but life, in its essence, is meant to be lived.

get out there.

*all photos taken via my iphone-unless otherwise stated* 

chasity and charlie.

dana and kevin.