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L&L: a day in the life.

so a few months back i got an email that began "hi-be my friend."

it was from a one ian pratt- a talented oregonian videographer fellow- and we quickly became just that. he recently traveled down to southern california and we capitalized on the opportunity to work together. he created this beautiful film for my website as a sort of "day-in-the-life" in the world of L&L (aka. me.)

it's pretty nervewracking/uncomfortable watching yourself but i honestly found myself tearing up a bit after the video ended. i don't know why, but i feel as though somehow, ian has managed to capture my heart in this video. i'm so grateful to have met him and to have had the opportunity to work with him. he also does the most beautiful wedding videos. check him out IDPRATT 

thank you again to all of those who have, and continue to support L&L! so excited for this next year!

you can also see the video on the ABOUT ME section of LACEANDLIKES and on my FACEBOOK and LENND page

cupid shoot: insta preview.

shoots on shoots.