oregon coast.

i went up the coast of california and oregon all the way to astoria with two of my best friends in july.

we saw cliffs, mountains, redwoods, giant ferns, unbelievable sunsets and foggy bay towns, among other sites.

we met some wild characters who dropped life lessons on us here and there.

we wandered, at some places with no sure campsites reservations, and were faced with what can at times be the challenge of just going with it.

i could say alot about this trip. i learned alot and had so much fun. it was definitely an adventure. but i think it's best to just suggest that you listen to pretty much anything by ben howard>> old pine, only love, promise, etc. and experience right along with us while you look through the beautiful images below from KEITH A SAVAGE.

(he's only in a few because he was taking most of them :)) and i'll leave ya with this quote from a favorite song: 

//i never feel more found than when i'm wandering. i never feel more still than when i'm free// -adrianne lenker//buck meek

san francisco>>>san diego.

these days it's really easy to appear like you've got it all together. whether on social media or otherwise. but the truth of the matter is, nobody does. especially not me :) oof. admitting that is real freeing. 

sometimes work and life and love and all matters of the heart just weigh on me to the point of anxiety. sometimes i wake up at 2 am and can't fall back asleep for 2 hours because my mind is racing with anything and everything>>the good, the bad, the ugly, the anticipation, the future, the past. yeesh. you name it, i'm thinkin about it. 

i think i found a solution, at least one that works for me. for now :) i've been on this 'thing' lately where i go somewhere that's not home at least once a month. it seriously keeps me sane. i get so caught up in all i hafta do here for work and life that i forget to breathe sometimes. so i literally have to go away to take a minute and regroup. do you ever feel like that? just completely overwhelmed? with ALLLLLLL of the things?

i honestly think its oneuv the best things you can do for yourself. to get out of your normal routine (if you can make the time to). explore. see new places; beautiful places. places that make your heart explode in awe or places with old friends that feel like home. places that remind you that this world is spinning and you can't control what happens, but that somehow, it's all connected, it all works together beautifully, and it ALL ALWAYS sorts itself out. this trip was that reminder. 

first i took a one-way flight to SF to see two old friends from when i was an oregonian. we did some city outings, shot skeet at a shooting range, celebrated the release of a rosé they had a part in creating with their dining group STAG DINING and just sat around and caught up. i also got to visit with a friend from college who's now an incredible artist in the SF area and spent the day helping her in her studio. check her out>> ALEKSANDRA ZEE 

next we adventured through the sierra nevada mountains together back down to san diego. 

we spent two days in the mammoth lakes area, and in those two days, we filled up on as much explorin as we could. it was just the best. and it reminded me of what i needed reminding about: its all okay. just let go. follow your heart. follow your dreams. and love people. 

simple, right? easier said than done sometimes :)

while tessa and i were just laying in the middle of a grassy meadow watching parker fly fish, we began sharing quotes from the books we'd been reading lately. hers was NATURE by RWE and i've been re-reading THE ALCHEMIST (one of my all time favorites). i thought i'd share em here along with the photos in hopes that you could experience all they meant to us in these surroundings, and maybe, they'd touch your heart in the same way. 

from NATURE: //the lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other; who has retained the spirit of infancy even into the era of manhood. his intercourse with heaven and earth becomes his daily food. in the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows.//

from THE ALCHEMIST: //tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. and that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with god and with eternity.//

//if you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. and, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings...each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity.//


just breathe guys. you are loved.


lace and likes wedding: dorene//omri.

dorene and omri were such a fun couple to work with.

we curated their whimsical day at KONA KAI RESORT with peachy and blush hues, gold details and lots of cinderblocks :) it was a great way to kick off the wedding season.

with the help of some rad vendors ofcourse:

photography>> RAD + IN LOVE

styling//coordination>> LACEANDLIKES

florals>> BESPOKE



check out the full feature and a full list of vendors today on RUFFLED BLOG 

zorro inspiration shoot.

me and the WITTY babes collaborated on this zorro inspired wedding shoot and when i received the photos back from KEITHASAVAGE, i pretty much freaked out i was so excited.

it all started with the beautiful lace dress the girls found thrifting and the rest kinda spiraled conceptually from there. we couldn't have pulled it off without the amazing crew of vendors, listed below. thanks to everyone involved! we are so happy with how it all turned out>>hope you enjoy it too!

check out the feature today on GREENWEDDINGSHOES.

and don't forget to watch the epic video below from M A X.


<<<<<<Z O R R O // V I D E O >>>>>>>







tabletop//desserts>> HOSTESS HAVEN

rentals>> WITTY

makeup//hair>> 1011 MAKEUP

bar//cocktails>> PLEASE AND THANK YOU


horseshoe dreamcatchers>> WOVEN DREAMS

dress//veil>> THRIFTED

hats>> BRIXTON





babes in the woods//big sur.

this place. 

there's something about big sur that really just cannot be explained.

no matter how you try to describe it to people who've never been there, it just doesn't seem to come out right. it's surreal. like something out of this world. like you've stepped out of reality and into a magical place of peace and beauty. the trees are hundreds and thousands of years old and its like their speaking their wisdom to you; the cliffs fall off into the perfectly turqouise ocean and the fields seem endless. you drive on the way up and you're within inches of falling off the road because it's so narrow, but you don't care because you are so blown away by everything around you. it's awe-striking, stunning, mindblowingly gorgeous and going there is like feeding your hungry, tired soul. 

when i first went to big sur with jackie a year ago, i had recently lost a friend in an accident, finalized a divorce and was just an overall mess>>i was struggling in learning so much about myself and with a heart that was overwhelmed with a whole range of emotions. i was pretty lost; but experiencing it for the first time brought a sense of healing to me that i couldn't have even anticipated. i'm pretty sure i teared up like 10 times. (big surprise)

when i went to big sur this year, it wasn't just me and jackie, it was a whole group of some of my most favorite babes in the world; it was an adventure and a much needed escape from reality for all of us. and to be honest, once again, it was a whole other level of emotional healing that came at a much needed time. it was just the best thing. and looking through these photos from RENATA just took me back there all over again. oof, i miss it. this time and these girls. 

4 days, 8 girls and 2 tent cabins in the middle of the redwoods took my heavy heart to a much needed place of peace and joy and love all over again. we cooked over the fire for every meal, set up camp with rose' and books in the creek behind our campsite, hiked, explored, and had the best campfire talk. and not one of us went crazy girl on each other (even though we probably came close when we got a little lost on our hike:)) in the end, we created some irreplaceable memories.

isn't that what adventure is all about anyhow? being lost, and finding yourself on your way through nature alongside your crazy-ass amazing friends? best.

we are hoping to make it an annual trip and search for that same level of beauty all over the US along the way.>>> next year can't come soon enough. 


most of these were taken by the incredible RENATA STONE

and some were from my disposable camera. hope they warm yer heart as much as they did mine. and may i suggest listening to CALIFORNIA by jamestown revival while you check em out. YEESH.