cleobella//spanish rose.


i am a HUGE fan of the beauties over at CLEOBELLA.

their handmade pieces always blow me away.

all of their products are sourced and manufactured by local artisans they partner with in BALI, which helps create sustainable income and positively impacts the community they support in doing so.

the whole team over there is so positive and kind and i just love buying from them because of their hearts, appreciation for beauty, badass//well-made products, and overall intentionality in their products and with the people who make them.

their new fall line SPANISH ROSE just launched, and i’m really holding myself back from getting alluv the pieces. it’s one of my favorite collections to-date. BUT i was lucky enough to snag the coventry dress-obsessed with the bell sleeves and gold detailing.

check out the full LOOKBOOK on their site, all photos by my main babe TARYN KENTCB_Fall15_Finals_58CB_Fall15_Finals_72CB_Fall15_Finals_55CB_Fall15_Finals_90CB_Fall15_Finals_29CB_Fall15_Finals_78CB_Fall15_Finals_81CB_Fall15_Finals_40CB_Fall15_Finals_02CB_Fall15_Finals_15CB_Fall15_Finals_84CB_Fall15_Finals_27CB_Fall15_Finals_22CB_Fall15_Finals_73CB_Fall15_Finals_60CB_Fall15_Finals_36CB_Fall15_Finals_48CB_Fall15_Finals_18CB_Fall15_Finals_08CB_Fall15_Finals_32CB_Fall15_Finals_33CB_Fall15_Finals_75CB_Fall15_Finals_43CB_Fall15_Finals_70CB_Fall15_Finals_20CB_Fall15_Finals_05



on the road: aloha beach club.

second to last post on our trip recap with ALOHA BEACH CLUB

these gents make quality products and are quality fellows. they are such a huge asset to the san diego community and are doing huge things. i had so much fun styling their goods//using them on the road.

if you’re in the NORTH PARK area, be sure to stop in their store, or you can find their goods online, HERE.

all photos by KEITH A SAVAGE

towel sold at their shop, in store and online, by THE BEACH PEOPLE000068360005-368000068310001-256000068290035-233000068230030-134000068280011-207 000068360002-365 000068230035-135000068200013-70000068280006-204000068310003-258000068230016-128000068200024-73


on the road: child of wild.

up next on our #followtheyellowstoneroad trip review: CHILD OF WILD >>>>>

//we took a summer wander from southern california, through zion in utah and up to the grand tetons in wyoming. two of the most mind-blowing days for me were spent in the narrows at zion and at the salt flats in utah. these two particular adventures were absolutely layered in child of wild.


i find the most inspiration when in nature. so it was easy to integrate some of their magic into my wanderlust wardrobe, because to me the gypsy spirit screams chunky silver, as many cuffs as you an fit on one wrist and more necklaces than seem necessary.


so happy to have had some of their pieces along for the ride, below is the product of child of wild x lace and likes styling and a whole bunch of unreal scenery// photos by KEITH A SAVAGE and RENATA STONE and extra wardrobe goodies from some of my favorite ladies ever- CLEOBELLA (fringe jacket) and REFORMATION (black onesie situation)




000068440007-437000068440010-439000068440006-436000068310032-272  TClOYuo54JUV3giEqvWpX43hTWM8mJwsuoFzddw2q0A,2TxLPyJT2QEGVC-XHLYssnkRT-XUQNMdnYXoNuvfj7427UaaHgYv35p71weV8nsoadRE4Ibfup8Z9f0UUP1S5E qxFlP50y_zvc5Zaeu30h0JJDec1pVDUQ2sus3DDQmQAUcN_Z_XgvHRCjclBi_vChusDYuvn3ApyQqywC7OKHR4000068300022-244000068310023-263000068330033-327000068440004-434           ApHb-pwt9s0m3D-DJQX9qMLnDfnVlx5lyKpHiDKPUw4000068340015-344000068330013-310   000068310027-267msE5Uoz2M4-WgR8UUcSBD5_Oc7eMkUSR9j8ODUteUGECOm0ENwRABo6aeqcD1UxDuwspQSjt5pdkaqi8JAJN2U



joan and cale’s springtime garden-themed wedding is up now on GREEN WEDDING SHOES

i went to college with these two, and it was SO much fun getting to help them with their event design. we curated several details for them and our girl, GOLD-STATE did all the signage//calligraphy.

the florals from MOON CANYON were just completely insane, as usual and we loved working with the TEALIGHT EVENTS team who coordinated the whole shebang at one of our most favorite venues VIBIANA.

all photos by MAX AND FRIENDS !

joan/cale>>so beyond stoked for you cuties! thanks for having us be a part of your gorgeous day!

Joanie&Cale-29Joanie&Cale-35  Joanie&Cale-1 Joanie&Cale-9Joanie&Cale-8Joanie&Cale-3Joanie&Cale-13Joanie&Cale-6Joanie&Cale-31Joanie&Cale-5Joanie&Cale-36Joanie&Cale-100Joanie&Cale-17Joanie&Cale-21Joanie&Cale-25 Joanie&Cale-23Joanie&Cale-40Joanie&Cale-42Joanie&Cale-52Joanie&Cale-78Joanie&Cale-50Joanie&Cale-74Joanie&Cale-82Joanie&Cale-91Joanie&Cale-93Joanie&Cale-41Joanie&Cale-45Joanie&Cale-70Joanie&Cale-102Joanie&Cale-108Joanie&Cale-61Joanie&Cale-105Joanie&Cale-101Joanie&Cale-60Joanie&Cale-57Joanie&Cale-54 Joanie&Cale-111Joanie&Cale-112Joanie&Cale-98


on the road: crawford denim and vintage.





i finally get to share these beautiful images from KEITH A SAVAGE of our recent road trip through zion, bryce canyon, grand tetons and yellowstone earlier this summer.

we were lucky enough to take some friend’s products along with us. we got to shoot//style their goods along the way and below are some of the results.

on this post we are featuring oneuv our most favorites, CRAWFORD DENIM AND VINTAGE along with many of the hats pictured, which are from STETSON USA000068320030-296000068450010-441000068430007-428000068260023-183000068390011-394000068260031-187000068340010-339 000068220026-105000068430008-429000068340002-332000068380006-384000068400004-399000068380014-389000068320015-284     000068420014-421000068320024-291000068330001-303 000068180034-37000068210012-89000068260018-180000068180027-30000068180033-36000068320023-290000068260036-189000068190032-60 000068260025-185000068260001-176000068240011-143000068340005-335000068220029-108 000068220036-112000068240014-145000068190013-44000068210023-97000068240005-140000068340012-341000068210016-92 000068190015-46000068380015-390000068180020-26000068250026-170 000068250030-173000068180013-23


photos>> keith savage